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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2016 10:44AM EDT
What are “Display Mode” Reports?

Display Mode Reports use a modified template specifically designed for use during live hashtag events. Like all Hashtracking reports, these reports can be shared via public URL and/or exported*.  Even though display mode reports only show limited data on-screen, the exports include complete report information.

Some of the key differences:
  • Display Mode Reports show the transcript in reverse, so the last tweet is always listed first. This allows viewers to follow the conversation.
  • Display Mode Reports refresh automatically at a fixed interval that the user can control, or via a manual refresh button.
  • Display Mode Reports make limited data available to the public. Only the transcript and Overview charts are displayed. Top Lists, Links, Other Hashtags and additional drill down data remain private.

Display Mode reports continuously update with new tweets until the end time of the report is reached. At this point they become a static report that can continue to be shared.

During the hashtagged event, viewers who are looking at the Display Mode Report have the option of tweeting, replying, and retweeting tweets, directly from the Report page

*Exports are available to pro-level accounts.

Who Needs Display Mode Reports?

Display Mode Reports were designed specifically for users who host or share live hashtagged events. These auto-refreshing reports have been simplified for public display and/or for personal use, allowing you to view statistics while participating in a chat directly from it’s Report page. Display Mode reports also can be created with Spam Filtering options, making these a powerful and safer way to display Hashtagged conversations in a public setting.

Events that could benefit from Display Mode Reports include:
  • Industry and Branded Chats
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • Brand Events
  • Concerts, Performances, Sporting Events


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